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Collaboration between provider services and LINE BOT. &
A new installation approach for smartphone applications.
SpeakerDeck (ja) VOT MEETUP! vol.2
Exercise is difficult for nerds SpeakerDeck (ja) kosen10s LT #12

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Corporate Scout application Objective-C
Book browsing application Swift
EC system application Objective-C
Camera system application Swift
Social communication application Objective-C, CoreData
Beacon incorporation application Swift, Firebase
Chatbot service & infra Python, Django, Azure
Mobile backend service Python, Django
Shop review application Swift, Python, Django
iOS Push Notification Service package library for django Python2, Python3, Django PyPI - Downloads
AmazonLinux Docker container containing Python3.x Docker, AmazonLinux nnsnodnb/amazoznlinux-python3
Adding csrf token for ajax request header for django Python2, Python3, Django PyPI - Downloads
In-App Purchase validation server package library for django Python3.6~3.8, Django2.x PyPI - Downloads
NowPlaying share application Swift, Firebase
Gourmet application Swift, Objective-C
APNS Provider API wrapper library for Python Python3 PyPI - Downloads
Pipe(パイプ) - 投稿いらずでつながる (SNS) already closed. Swift, Firebase, AWS, Python3, Django2, Flask, Celery Main logic / Invitation logic
Mirare(ミラーレ) - 美容サロンの「リピート率」と「来店頻度」の向上を実現! Swift, Firebase, Python3, Django2, Celery, Docker, AWS, AWS CloudFormation and so on / Entrusted development
Displaying multiple images like Twitter by UIKit. iOS, Swift, CocoaPods, Carthage, Swift Package Manager